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Laser Hair Removal FAQ

Are all LHRs machines the same ?

No. there are atleast 5 types of hair reduction machines in INDIA like IPL, Nd YAG, ALEXANDRITE and DIODE. The results and no. of sessions required will vary depending upon the technology of LHR used..

Are lasers harmful ?

NO. the laser technology is target specific. The lasers used in dermatology are only able to penetrate till the second layer of skin (i.e dermis) so absolutely safe for any part of the body. when lasers are performed by a qualified dermatologist and necessary precautions are taken, it’s a pleasurable and life changing experience.

Which is the ideal laser for LHR ?

The DIODE laser is universally considered to be ideal for INDIAN skin types and they provide BEST results in the LEAST no. of sessions.

Eg, an ideal underarm LHR would require 12-16 sessions with IPL, 6-8sessions with NdYAG and 4-6sessions with DIODE laser respectively.


The DIODE LHR at Dr Rams Skin and Hair Clinic used the advanced IN MOTION technology. This state of art mechanism ensures MINIMAL PAIN and LESSER TIME REQUIRED per treatment sessions.

How long will the results last ?

Results obtained by the DIODE LASER HAIR REDUCTIO (LHR) are permanent in most areas. Only in certain conditions like PCOS / PCOD (polycyctic ovaria disease) the results may vary depending upon the treatment of the hormonal condition.

What are the side effects of LHR ?

NONE, DIODE LHR are virtually side effect free. No pigmentation or scars have been experienced till date.
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