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Patient Feedback

Dear Dr. Ram and staff just wanted to thank you for the excellent care that I received from you. I have been seeing Dr. Ram from last one and half year. I was suffering from pigmentation and was suggested yellow peels and carbon peels. I have seen positive changes in my skin and appearance. I am treated so well by Dr. Ram. He always explains what options are available and what results to expect. Wonderful follow up done by the staff members. I am your biggest fan Dr. Ram !!! Because your honesty about what is needed shows integrity. I highly recommend Dr. Ram skin clinic to everyone …Kudos!!! Keep up the good work!!!!

-Ms. Neeta Parmar.
Age:28 Profession:Teacher.

The problem is quickly deciphered by the doctor. Extremely good at understanding the patient at their level. Alternative suggestions (economical too) for medicines also given. Helpful guidance via WhatsApp. Always corresponding no matter how small or big the query. Absolutely satisfying results when persistent and sincere enough with the treatment. The best dermatologist I have come across so far.

-Mariyam A. Azim Tinwala.
Age:22 Profession: Housewife.

Dr. Ram is the best dermatologist I have ever seen. The reason he is the best because he has changed my skin completely. He has a lot more knowledge & experience than everyone who’s ever worked for my skin before. Since he has been taking care of my skin, my very very dryness from the skin has become maintained & the adult acne had been cleared up & my face has also taken on a rosy glow for which I keep getting compliments on my skin. I am also amazed that what a caring person Dr. Ram is my all hearty thanks to him for making my skin lighter, softer & smoother and it has always glow on it. He is the nicest dermatologist I have ever met, I appreciate the great care and treatment I get from him and also I keep recommending him to everyone. Thank You.

-Shireen mumtaz khan.
Age:25 Profession:Makeup artist.

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