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Acne-Pimples FAQ

What is the difference between Pimples and Acne ?

Pimples , acne, kheel (in Marathi), muhanse (in hindi), Zits, Black heads (open comedones), White heads (closed comedones) etc. are all same. They are just named differently as per region or stages of acne.

Why should I treat acne / pimples ?

Acne are mostly physiological changes of the sebaceous glands and hormones. However, if left untreated, they can lead to permanent scars and marks , whch many a times cannot be completely reversed. Also, they are proven to be a source of depression, personality issues and social stigma these days.

Is a facewash enough to treat acne / pimples ?

Facewash or cleansers are meant to temporarily cleanse the skin. They do not have any long term effects on the skin. So using the right medications rather than cleansers would be more worthwhile.

What Causes acne / pimples ?

The cause of acne is mainly Hormonal and what we apply over our face like makeup, face packs, massages, etc.

Till what age can I get acne / pimples?

Pimples were earlier considered to be a teenage issue. However, it is now commonly seen in the 20’s and 30’s as well. This is because of our erratic lifestyle, eating / sleeping habbits, hormonal imbalances and stress. So now, pimples can occur from puberty until menopause.

How to treat ace / pimples ?

Depending upon the type , severity, cause and extent of your acne, your dermatologist (skin specialist) would plan a customized treatment. The targets of the treatment would be to CONTROL the existing pimples, PREVENT future breakouts, MINIMISE SCARS / MARKS
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