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Hair Thinning/Balding For Men

Hair Thinning/Balding For Men

Common Baldness / patterned alopecia / androgenetic alopecia (AGA)

Although a very common and extremely benign condition, balding can have a major psycho-social impact. AGA involves both genetic and hormonal factors Genetics determines both the density and the location of androgen sensitive hair follicles on site-specific areas of the scalp. Post puberty, a series of events triggered by androgens (mainly DHT) within these genetically programmed hair follicles transform terminal (thick) hair to miniaturized follicles (vellus hair).

Male Patterned Baldness (Mpb)

Causes for balding in men:

  • Genetic: autosomal dominant, polygenic and inherited
  • Systemic hormonal effects-androgens.
  • Local hormonal effects- like increase in receptor number, increased local DHT production, decreased local DHT degradation.
  • Role of oxidative stress
  • Hair cycle dynamics
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It commonly starts from the thinning of the crown hair and receeding of the frontal hairline.
Hair Thinning/Balding For Men
Visible balding is proven to be seen after almost 40% of the hair turn vellus, thus timely management is the key.
Hair Thinning/Balding For Men
Norwood-Hamilton classification for hair loss is the most widely accepted and followed grading to determine the stage of MPB.
Hair Thinning/Balding For Men

Staging the MPB is helpful in determining the future course of management and prognosis.

Treatment of baldness:

YES, it is possible.

Depending upon the grade and severity of the situation, the qualified dermatologist can choose between

  • Medical: effective, safe and FDA approved drugs like Minoxidil, Fiasteride/dutasteride along with adequate nutritional supplementation
  • Hair transplant: state of the art-Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a tailor-made procedure to get back the lost hairs in areas of complete follicle loss
  • FDA-approved add-ons: LLLT (low level laser therapy), PRP (platelet rich plasma), Mesotherapy etc.

Our Treatment

Results in balding visible in just 6 months of regular medications

Visible improvement in balding scalp by just medical management of male/ female pattern baldness