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Anti-Ageing FAQ

Is BOTOX and FILLERS the same?

No, botox is to PREVENT fine lines and wrinkles. Fillers are more to FILL THE ageing deficits and more the TREAT the loose skin and to CORRECT asymmetry and to ENHANCE features like lips, cheeks and chin.

Are botox and fillers safe?

Both botox and fillers used at Dr Ram’s Skin & Hair Clinic is manufactured by ALLERGAN, who are the WORLD LEADERS in SAFETY and EFFICACY.

The material used in fillers are the natural proteins of our own skin, which are lost over time and age, making it very safe for regular and long term use

Is the procedure painfull ?

Absolutely NOT. The entire session is less painfull than an insect bite.

How much material of botox and fillers would I need?

Special training is mandatory to getting the ideal results with lesser material of each material. Depending upon your concerns and requirements, your dermatologist, Dr. Ram TAINWala can suggest you an amount of material required.

Will my skin worsen after the effects are over ?

NO, both botox and FILLERS are reversible. When the effects of the existing treatment is over, your skin would go back to its original form. No worsening of ageing signs has ever been documented worldwide.

Does regular sessions help ?

ABSOLUTELY, regular botox and fillers help reduce fine lines and loose skin, it also helps prevent further ageing.

When can I resume my daily routine after BOTOX and / or FILLERS ?

IMMEDIATELY. The is no down time with botox and filler procedures.

When can I start to see the difference after BOTOX / FILLERS?

Results can be seen instantly after a filler. However the full enhancement continues for upto 3 weeks. Results of botox can be seen as early as 3rd day and full effects can be seen by end of 2 weeks after the session.
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