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Hair Fall FAQ

How do I know if my hairfall is normal or too much hairfall ?

All humans ideally are meant to shed around 50-100 strands of scalp hair DAILY. So we are bound to see more hairfall whenever we shampoo / oil / comb our hair. If you start experiencing more than this (which is considered normal) or we notice a lot of hairfall on our workdesk / daily routine areas / pillows, one should meet a dermatologist, who is the real trichologist.

How frequently should I shampoo ?

No matter how tall the claims of herbal shampoos, All shampoos are chemical based. So using a shampoo twice / thrice weekly , with prior night oilying (unless told not to by ur doctor) is the ideal frequency.

Does dandruff cause hairfall ?

No, ideally, dandruff only increases breakability of hair due to the scratching. It does not affect the hair roots.

Why do we experience hairfall ?

Hair defines our cosmetic appearance / personality. However, our body does not consider it essential for survival. So unless your body’s basic dietary requirements are fulfilled, the hair roots won’t get its share of nourishment. The second major reason is the hormonal issues which in turn cause shrinkage of the hair roots, thus causing balding and hair fall. Lastly, frequent cosmetic treatments like rebounding, keratin, straightening, ironing chemical hair dyes etc can also damage the hair shaft and cause sudden hair fall.

Which are the ideal food / fruits for hair ?

Hair roots require all major and minor nutrients like proteins, vitamins, calcium, iron, trace elements for its survival. So eating in sufficient quantity REGULARLY is the key. Rather than a select few, try eating all vegetables/ fruits/ dairy products, proteins in adequate amounts.
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