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Balding FAQ

What is balding ?

Balding is the ageing process of the scalp hair.

Is balding same as hairfall ?

No. balding represents thinning of the hair root, whereas, hairfall represents weakening of hair strands-not roots

Is balding same for males and females ?

No. both men and women bald in a different way. The extent and severity is genetically determined.

Can balding be treated?Is hair transplant surgery the only option ?

Yes, if picked up early and treated regularly, balding (both male and female) can be stopped and restored by medications alone. Hair transplant Surgery is an option, only when results are desired earlier or when follicles (roots) are lost permanently.

Is LOW LEVEL LASER LIGHT THERAPY (LLLLT) useful to treat balding ?

Yes, LLLLT is clinically proven, hence, U.S. FDA approved as an Add-On treatment to treat male and female type balding. https://www.igrowlaser.com/iGrow-Studies.dtm
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