Hair Care

Having healthy hairs adds great weightage to your personality. If you follow specific daily care routine, it is not hard to have stylish hairs like celebrities. For that, here are some important points that you should incorporate in your daily life .

Daily routine for healthy hairs :
  • Proper diet : A balanced diet consisting of plenty of fruits & green leafy vegetables, beans, whole grains is most important requisite for healthy hairs.
  • Avoid crash dieting : Excess of refined, processed, and canned foods as it can lead to dull, lusterless, thin hairs
  • Use gentle shampoos : Hard shampoos tend to cause injury to hairs, making them dull & lusterless. Hence use gentle shampoo
  • Avoid excessive wash : Everyday shampooing can again cause drying on the hair and scalp, so try for two to three times a week.
  • Hair conditioner : Routine use of hair conditioner is must for both males & females. Majority of anti-dandruff/other shampoos tend to cause dryness of hairs. Hair conditioner used just after shampooing avoids this and makes hair shiny.
  • Avoid too frequent styling sessions : various hair styling procedures like hair straightening tend to cause injury to hairs causing hair loss; hence avoid too frequent sessions of the same.
  • Hair oil use : Apply hair oil once a week so as to give deep conditioning effect to hairs. One can choose from variety of hair oils available in market like coconut, almond etc
  • Regular brushing : regular brushing of hairs especially at night before sleep helps in keeping hairs tangle-free
  • Hair Fall : daily fall of approximately 100 hairs is normal to a person but if the hair fall is more than that, then one should see a dermatologist to find out the cause of hair fall and get proper treatment.

"Healthy hair rocks! Try these tips on your own hair & see the effect”