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How do I know if my hairfall is normal or too much hairfall ?

All humans ideally are meant to shed around 50-100 strands of scalp hair DAILY. So we are bound to see more hairfall whenever we shampoo / oil / comb our hair. If you start experiencing more than this (which is considered normal) or we notice a lot of hairfall on our workdesk / daily routine areas / pillows, one should meet a dermatologist, who is the real trichologist.

How frequently should I shampoo ?

No matter how tall the claims of herbal shampoos, All shampoos are chemical based. So using a shampoo twice / thrice weekly , with prior night oilying (unless told not to by ur doctor) is the ideal frequency.

Does dandruff cause hairfall ?

No, ideally, dandruff only increases breakability of hair due to the scratching. It does not affect the hair roots.

Why do we experience hairfall ?

Hair defines our cosmetic appearance / personality. However, our body does not consider it essential for survival. So unless your body’s basic dietary requirements are fulfilled, the hair roots won’t get its share of nourishment. The second major reason is the hormonal issues which in turn cause shrinkage of the hair roots, thus causing balding and hair fall. Lastly, frequent cosmetic treatments like rebounding, keratin, straightening, ironing chemical hair dyes etc can also damage the hair shaft and cause sudden hair fall.

Which are the ideal food / fruits for hair ?

Hair roots require all major and minor nutrients like proteins, vitamins, calcium, iron, trace elements for its survival. So eating in sufficient quantity REGULARLY is the key. Rather than a select few, try eating all vegetables/ fruits/ dairy products, proteins in adequate amounts.


What is balding ?

Balding is the ageing process of the scalp hair.

Is balding same as hairfall ?

No. balding represents thinning of the hair root, whereas, hairfall represents weakening of hair strands-not roots

Is balding same for males and females ?

No. both men and women bald in a different way. The extent and severity is genetically determined.

Can balding be treated?Is hair transplant surgery the only option ?

Yes, if picked up early and treated regularly, balding (both male and female) can be stopped and restored by medications alone. Hair transplant Surgery is an option, only when results are desired earlier or when follicles (roots) are lost permanently.

Is LOW LEVEL LASER LIGHT THERAPY (LLLLT) useful to treat balding ?

Yes, LLLLT is clinically proven, hence, U.S. FDA approved as an Add-On treatment to treat male and female type balding. https://www.igrowlaser.com/iGrow-Studies.dtm


Are all LHRs machines the same ?

No. there are atleast 5 types of hair reduction machines in INDIA like IPL, Nd YAG, ALEXANDRITE and DIODE. The results and no. of sessions required will vary depending upon the technology of LHR used..

Are lasers harmful ?

NO. the laser technology is target specific. The lasers used in dermatology are only able to penetrate till the second layer of skin (i.e dermis) so absolutely safe for any part of the body. when lasers are performed by a qualified dermatologist and necessary precautions are taken, it’s a pleasurable and life changing experience.

Which is the ideal laser for LHR ?

The DIODE laser is universally considered to be ideal for INDIAN skin types and they provide BEST results in the LEAST no. of sessions.

Eg, an ideal underarm LHR would require 12-16 sessions with IPL, 6-8sessions with NdYAG and 4-6sessions with DIODE laser respectively.


The DIODE LHR at Dr Rams Skin and Hair Clinic used the advanced IN MOTION technology. This state of art mechanism ensures MINIMAL PAIN and LESSER TIME REQUIRED per treatment sessions.

How long will the results last ?

Results obtained by the DIODE LASER HAIR REDUCTIO (LHR) are permanent in most areas. Only in certain conditions like PCOS / PCOD (polycyctic ovaria disease) the results may vary depending upon the treatment of the hormonal condition.

What are the side effects of LHR ?

NONE, DIODE LHR are virtually side effect free. No pigmentation or scars have been experienced till date.


Is BOTOX and FILLERS the same?

No, botox is to PREVENT fine lines and wrinkles. Fillers are more to FILL THE ageing deficits and more the TREAT the loose skin and to CORRECT asymmetry and to ENHANCE features like lips, cheeks and chin.

Are botox and fillers safe?

Both botox and fillers used at Dr Ram’s Skin & Hair Clinic is manufactured by ALLERGAN, who are the WORLD LEADERS in SAFETY and EFFICACY.

The material used in fillers are the natural proteins of our own skin, which are lost over time and age, making it very safe for regular and long term use

Is the procedure painfull ?

Absolutely NOT. The entire session is less painfull than an insect bite.

How much material of botox and fillers would I need?

Special training is mandatory to getting the ideal results with lesser material of each material. Depending upon your concerns and requirements, your dermatologist, Dr. Ram TAINWala can suggest you an amount of material required.

Will my skin worsen after the effects are over ?

NO, both botox and FILLERS are reversible. When the effects of the existing treatment is over, your skin would go back to its original form. No worsening of ageing signs has ever been documented worldwide.

Does regular sessions help ?

ABSOLUTELY, regular botox and fillers help reduce fine lines and loose skin, it also helps prevent further ageing.

When can I resume my daily routine after BOTOX and / or FILLERS ?

IMMEDIATELY. The is no down time with botox and filler procedures.

When can I start to see the difference after BOTOX / FILLERS?

Results can be seen instantly after a filler. However the full enhancement continues for upto 3 weeks. Results of botox can be seen as early as 3rd day and full effects can be seen by end of 2 weeks after the session.


What is the difference between Pimples and Acne ?

Pimples , acne, kheel (in Marathi), muhanse (in hindi), Zits, Black heads (open comedones), White heads (closed comedones) etc. are all same. They are just named differently as per region or stages of acne.

Why should I treat acne / pimples ?

Acne are mostly physiological changes of the sebaceous glands and hormones. However, if left untreated, they can lead to permanent scars and marks , whch many a times cannot be completely reversed. Also, they are proven to be a source of depression, personality issues and social stigma these days.

Is a facewash enough to treat acne / pimples ?

Facewash or cleansers are meant to temporarily cleanse the skin. They do not have any long term effects on the skin. So using the right medications rather than cleansers would be more worthwhile.

What Causes acne / pimples ?

The cause of acne is mainly Hormonal and what we apply over our face like makeup, face packs, massages, etc.

Till what age can I get acne / pimples?

Pimples were earlier considered to be a teenage issue. However, it is now commonly seen in the 20’s and 30’s as well. This is because of our erratic lifestyle, eating / sleeping habbits, hormonal imbalances and stress. So now, pimples can occur from puberty until menopause.

How to treat ace / pimples ?

Depending upon the type , severity, cause and extent of your acne, your dermatologist (skin specialist) would plan a customized treatment. The targets of the treatment would be to CONTROL the existing pimples, PREVENT future breakouts, MINIMISE SCARS / MARKS

Skin Care

Is there any way to make pores look smaller ?

Although your pore size is genetically determined, a buildup of oil, dirt, and dead cells can enlarge them. You can incorporate products containing glycolic and salicylic acid into your daily regimen to minimize the appearance of pores.

Why do I need special products for the eye area?

The tissue around the eye is the thinnest on the body and therefore will show the first signs of aging. It is important to treat this delicate area differently with a specific eye treatment.

Do I need to wear a sunscreen everyday, even while at work and in the winter?

Yes, always protect your skin with sunscreen. UVA and UVB rays penetrate through windows and glass.

I have oily skin. Do I still need a moisturizer?

Yes, moisturizers play a vital role in a daily skin care regimen. If the skin is lacking moisture, the sebaceous glands (oil secreting glands in the skin) produce more oil, making skin more oily.

5. Why do I need to use a different product at night than I do during the day ?

During night time, skin is protected from sunlight as well as harmful environmental factors. So we can use stronWe like to think of nighttime as “treatment time.” It is when you should put lots of beneficial ingredients into the skin for maximum penetration without any harmful environmental factors getting in the way...

What's the best general care for my skin?

Here are a few simple steps that most people can take to care for and protect their skin: • Use a gentle, non-drying cleanser twice a day, everyday, for your face and body. • Apply a moisturizer to hydrate skin on your face and body daily. • To reduce the risk of premature skin-aging and skin cancer, protect your skin from the damaging rays of the sun by using a sunscreen (SPF 15 or higher) when outside every day, wearing protective clothing outdoors, and avoiding overexposure to the sun and tanning beds/salons. In addition, proper skin care should also include seeing a dermatologist.

What are the skin care benefits of soy ?

Soy naturally contains proteins, lipids (natural skin conditioners), vitamins, saponins (mild natural cleansers) and isoflavones that enable it to provide the following skin care benefits: • Moisturizes • Depigmentation (evens tone and texture) • Improves skin elasticity • Reduces the Appearance of Fine Lines and Wrinkles

What causes everyday rashes, and how can they be treated?

Everyday rashes can be caused by a number of things, from heat to insect bites to allergic reactions. The following AVEENO� products can help address dry skin and itching: • Shower or bathe in warm, not hot, water. Use a gentle soap-free cleanser that won't over-dry the skin, and try a When dispersed in water, the powder forms a soothing, milky cleansing bath. • Use a moisturizer daily to help break the dry skin and itch cycle long-term.

When should I use a sunscreen?

To help protect your skin from the damaging rays of the sun, dermatologists recommend wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 15 or higher every day in all seasons…in summer and winter, on both cloudy and clear days.
A broad-spectrum sunscreen helps protect your skin from both UVA (aging) and UVB (burning) rays. UVA rays are believed to be responsible for photoaging — the damage that occurs to the skin from many years of exposure to the sun. It's important to protect your skin from incidental sun exposure like while you're driving in the car, walking outside, etc.
Apply sunscreen to all exposed skin, including lips, ears, backs of hands, and neck. Apply sunscreen generously and evenly before going in the sun, and reapply frequently after swimming, exercising, or sweating. It's also important to look for a sunscreen product that is water resistant.

What is the difference between a wrinkle and a fine line?

A wrinkle is defined as a crease or furrow in the skin caused by the natural process of aging, by excessive exposure to the sun's damaging rays, or environmental insults. For example, if you look in the mirror and see crow’s-feet around your eyes ? these are wrinkles. If you stretch a wrinkle in the crow's-feet area, you will still see it.
However, a fine line (or “expression line“) is a small wrinkle that may be caused by the contraction of facial muscles during smiling or frowning. When you stretch the skin of a fine line, the lines are barely visible. When these muscles contract, they pull the skin in, causing a line. And the muscles controlling frown lines between the brows may contract even when the muscle is resting, causing deep lines — which could result in the start of a wrinkle.

Will a facial moisturizer with sunscreen provide enough protection ?

It is important to wear sunscreen every day to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Therefore, it's important to choose a moisturizer that offers broad-spectrum UVA and UVB sun protection. Most wrinkles come from UVA (aging) rays, while UVB (burning) rays are the main cause of sunburn and skin cancer.

What causes dry skin, and what can I do to improve it ?

When skin is dehydrated, the water content of the very top layer of skin is reduced, causing it to shrink. This shrinkage creates many of the familiar symptoms of dry skin, including itching, scaling, loss of elasticity and tightness. Scratching further damages the skin, leaving it vulnerable to infection. Some causes of dry skin include: • Overheated rooms • Low humidity • Cold winter air • Excessive sun • Too much soap and water, which washes away natural oils • Cleansing in hot water Tips you can incorporate to relieve your dry skin: • Shower or bathe in warm, not hot, water. Use a gentle soap-free cleanser that won't over-dry the skin, and try a bath additive, such as • Apply a moisturizer immediately after bathing to replenish and seal in the moisture.

What causes razor bumps or ingrown hairs ?

Hair grows from follicles in the skin. When shaved, the tip of the hair is left with a sharp point. As curly hair grows, this sharp point may emerge from the hair follicle, curve back and pierce the skin. The body reacts to and treats these ingrown hairs just as it would a splinter or other foreign body, producing a pimple-like bump.
Razor bumps can also form when shaving too close causes whiskers to be clipped off below the skin surface. This allows hair to penetrate the side of the hair follicle instead of following its normal path to the skin's surface. This occurs more frequently when the hair follicle is curved. Once razor bumps are formed, continual shaving cuts and slices existing bumps, resulting in a painful and uneven shave and possible worsening of the condition.

What can you do to minimize razor bumps when you shave ?

Try shaving every other day, and don't shave too closely. Choosing a razor specially made for razor bumps is also helpful. This type of razor cuts the hair at the right length to reduce the likelihood that the hair tip will re-enter the skin.. In addition, be sure to wet hair with warm water to soften it before shaving.

What are cold sores and their causes ?

Eighty percent of the population suffers from cold sores, also know as "fever blisters" and one-third experience recurrent outbreaks of cold sores.
A variety of factors can contribute to this virally related condition including over exposure to UV light, illness or fever, menstruation, physical or emotional stress and fatigue, and certain foods and medications. Usually found on the inside and/or around the mouth or lip area, the cold sore while initially blisters, can eventually turn into a painful ulcer.

Can people who have dandruff use a conditioner ?

Yes, people who have dandruff can use a conditioner to keep up the condition of their hair. A conditioner does not stop the effect of an anti-dandruff shampoo on the scalp.

Is it true that the more lather produced when shampooing the more effective the shampoo is and the cleaner the hair ?

No, the amount of lather produced has nothing to do with the effectiveness of a shampoo lathering agents are generally added to shampoos because people believe that more lather means cleaner hair and it tells the user where and when to rinse.

Is it true that the more shampoo you use the cleaner the hair will be ?

No, a small amount of shampoo slightly larger than the size of a small coin and slightly diluted is usually sufficient for all hair at shoulder length that is washed frequently. The amount of shampoo will vary according to the length of the hair and how frequently it is washed.


What is chemical peeling ?

It’s a procedure in which a chemical solution is used to remove top layers of skin, leading to a new smooth, healthier skin.

What Skin Conditions are Peel used for ?

• Acne • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles • Rough skin Texture • Lentigines (large freckles) which appear as dark spots on the skin, they are also called liver spots, or age spots. • Melasma • Hyper pigmentation

What are the different types of peels?

There are three types of chemical peels: • Superficial peel –targeting only superficial layers • Medium peel - deeper than superficial peels, but less than deep peels • Deep peel - strongest of the lot, with penetration into many layers of skin.

What should I do before the chemical peel?

It will be appropriate to have a consultation with your dermatologist, few weeks before a peel procedure. Doctor will put you on a pre-peel regimen consisting of moisturizers, mild cleansers, night creams, sunscreen & antioxidant tablets. The night creams should be stopped 2-3 days prior to peeling session.

How do I know which peel strength to choose?

Yes, LLLLT is clinically proven, hence, U.S. FDA approved as an Add-On treatment to treat male and female type balding. https://www.igrowlaser.com/iGrow-Studies.dtm
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